How to Fix Bathroom Fan Noise

As important as having a bathroom fan is for the purpose of proper ventilation that in turn results in proper hygiene, it is often annoying to listen to the baritones of an exhaust fan that has some funny business going on with it. Well, if the fan installed in your bathroom belongs to the era of your grandfather, chances are it is not going to be easy to fix the noise. However, what is broken can be fixed as well.
Going on with a similar analogy, what is excessively loud can be silenced as well. However, before you gear up with your toolbox, it is wise to consider what the reason for the noise could be. The scenario which you want to hope against is the motor of the fan reaching certain death and crying out loud in its last days. A more hopeful possibility is that the blades of the fan have dirt stuck on them and all you need to do is make use of a wet cloth and soap.

If the reason for the excessive noise your bathroom fan is making lately is the latter one discussed above, here are the detailed instructions as to how you can get rid of the agonizing sound churned out by your it.

1. Cut the power off the fan before initiating the repair

Well, as with the repair of every electrical equipment, it is imperative to cut it off the power supply before proceeding. Merely switching the fan switch off would not get the job done. Flip the electricity breaker’s switch as well. Furthermore, just to make it absolutely certain that working with the faulty fan is now safe, use a voltage sniffer.

2. Remove the external covering hiding the fan

As in the case of exhaust fan mounted on rooftops, there is an external vent hiding the face of the fan for purely cosmetic reasons. All you need to do is grab your screwdriver and remove the vent so that the fan is clearly visible. If there is dirt stuck on it, you’ll be able to see it.

3. Apply soapy water to the dirt-ridden blades and vent

Well, the process of cleaning a noisy fan involves no rocket science. The simple act of applying soapy water to the vent as well as the blades of the fan in order to get rid of the dirt is enough.

4. Clean the dirty parts with a toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner

A toothbrush could prove handy while trying to clean the motor of the fan. That is the part that needs to be cleaned before any other segment of the exhaust fan. Once you are done, use a handheld vacuum to filter out the remaining dirt over all the parts of the fan.

5. Wait for the cleaned up fan to dry up

Before you turn back the power and switch on the fan for a test spin, make sure that all its parts have properly dried up. The hazards of electricity and water coming in contact with each other are not an old wives tale. They are real and they are lethal!

If the bathroom fan keeps on making the noise even after cleaning it up, chances are the duct that is pushing out the air is dirty, or simply that the fan needs to be replaced. Whatever the outcome may be, call for help if the situation gets out of hand!


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