Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination Review

This article has an informative purpose and is meant to bring up new insights upon the Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination. Its origin goes back to 1932, when it was first developed by Motordor Fan company, a well known manufacturer of kitchen ventilation of the time.

The current manufacturer is Broan-NuTone LLC. The corporation has more than 3,200 employees with the headquarter in Wisconsin, Hartford. The manufacturer has operations in no less than eight countries situated on three different continents.

Among its most common products, we mention the ventilation fans, range hoods, air-quality products for indoors. All of them represent high quality residential ventilation products. The Ventilation and Bath Fans with Lights is available in three main models, namely:

  • the Broan Ventilation and Bath Fans with Lights 678 model, with 1.6 amps and 2.5 sones, 50 CFM, and having square shape;
  • the Broan Ventilation and Bath Fans with Lights 679 model, at 2.0 amps, 3.5 sones, 70 CFM, and again square shape;
  • the Broan Ventilation and Bath Fans with Lights 750  model, CFM 100, 3.5 sones, and 1.9 amps, round square, with the benefits of a 100-watt bulb and 7-watt nightlight.

All of the three models from above have capacity of 120 volts, and share the same reliability, consistency, and quality in their manufacturing process.

As mentioned previously, this article focuses on the first model from the list: the Broan Ventilation and Bath Fans with Lights 678. The product is fully refundable in case it has any signs of damage at delivery, and has quality warranty, including when electrical and mechanical issues arise.

Next, we are going to present, in brief, the main characteristics, safety and installation facts, as well as make a trespassing through some recent reviews from customers who have purchased and used the product.

Main characteristics

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As an elegant and modern home improvement tool, the Broan 678 model of ventilation fan has the following features: white color, size of 50 CFM and 2.5 sones, lubricated motor, lighting of 100-Watt, and the warrantee that covers a one-year period. Its main advantages are the fact that provide more lighting to the room where is installed, removing the humid air and stale.

The shape and size of the ventilation fan can vary according to customers’ different tastes and needs. The product was developed with the aim of bringing more comfort into people’s lives, through an improved and efficient ventilation system, that helps, among others, avoiding contamination, as well as elimination of bacteria or fungus.

Besides all these, as mentioned before, the Broan 678 model of ventilation fan has the characteristic of making your bathroom much brighter than it was before. Further on, it is very efficient not only at removing humidity, but also for eliminating tobacco smoke or other fumes (from the kitchen, workshops etc.). Finally, the product suits perfectly to all room types, due to its design and physical features.

Therefore, we can state that the ventilation fan succeeds in obtaining a higher air quality, at the same time managing to prevent damages to the rooms and buildings. Its reliability and power comes from the properties of the polymeric fan impeller and the lubricated motor, as well as the branch circuit characterized by the GFCI connection.

Furthermore, its 100-watt capacity conveys brightness, distributing light in a safety and shatter-resistant manner.


The installation process assumes in the first place removing the current bath fan, then the generation of supplied fan for new customers, ducting connections, switch wiring, and finally a test on the newly installed product.

During installation, users also have to keep an eye on the key-holed mounting brackets, the metallic clatter, and the distances (leaving at least 2-Inch x 6-inch space for construction, or 12/12 pitch concerning ceiling installation).


The safety characteristic of the products resides from its branch circuit that is protected through a GFCI connection. In addition, the Broan 678 model of ventilation fan and light combination has been certified against HVI and received an 1.6-Amps rate. Further on, its lubricated motor and polymeric fan function in an efficient manner, contributing to the safety usage of the presented product.

Positive feedback from customers

Customers’ reviews on Amazon website mention the accessibility of the product, from its installation, to its functioning. They also embrace the quality of the product, as well as its properties of making spaces seem larger, due to higher brightening and illumination powers.

Customers also value the efficiency of the Broan 678 model of ventilation fan and light combination, stating that there are no concerns regarding the degree of noise generated by it, being an almost silent device. Relevant feedback also covers the affordability of the product, at the same time asserting its functionality.

All the positive comments and reviews that came from costumers’ side are an addition to the product value and high quality. These should convince other potential clients to try this product, in order to embrace other positive experiences.


Within the current article, we explained the main features and characteristics of the Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination model. We also gathered a series of reviews and comments received from customers after using this product, and in the same time we managed to outline the main information on how the ventilation fan should be installed, underlining the safety properties as well.

We conclude by expressing our strong belief that this product has great characteristics and represents the best solution for bringing more lightning into your home bathrooms, removing air humidity, and even improving the décor of the room.

Overall, I highly recommend the Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination model to anyone who is interested in modernizing his or her home bathroom, as well as improving the air humidity level.

Its main advantages, as stated in our material, are the high quality, efficient functioning, lightning systems that improve the visibility of your room, low degree of noise, the affordable price, the accessibility of installation process, its warrantee, the positive feedback, comments, and reviews from customers who have tried the product for themselves, and many others.

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